Field of study student leaders

SEAS Field of Study Track Leaders 2017-2018

Track leaders are positive stewards and ambassadors of their field of study and have positive working relationships with OAP and FOSC. For information specific to your track or to join your track's email list, contact the following student track leader:

  • Behavior, Education, & Communication - Jess Santos, Kaitlin Teppert, and Rika Novayanti
  • Conservation Ecology - Kimberley Irby, Nick Boucher, and Katherine Grantham
  • Environmental Informatics - Charlotte Weinstein, Daniel Tanner, and Zijun Yang
  • Environmental Justice - Dahlia Korckowitz, Sindu Bharadwaj, and Helen Gutierrez
  • Environmental Policy & Planning - Stephanie Campbell and Andrew Kinzer
  • Landscape Architecture - Derell Griffin, Audrey Pangallo, and Shannon Sylte
  • Sustainable Systems - Ansha Zaman, Prathmesh Gupta, and Cailin Buchanan

Email Lists

  • Behavior, Education and Communication: bectrackseas@
  • Conservation Ecology: conecol@
  • Environmental Informatics: seas-informatics@
  • Environmental Justice: seas-ejstudents@
  • Environmental Policy and Planning: seas-epp-joinable@
  • Landscape Architecture: seas-landarch@
  • Sustainable Systems: sus.sys.track@

Faculty Field of Study Coordinators 2016-2017