Landscape Architecture - Three Year Program Requirements

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3YR Landscape Architecture Program Requirements (62 credits**)

***3YR Curriculum Guide  and F17/W18 MLA Time Schedule ***



Studio Courses (25 credits)

  • NRE 587 a (2)(f) Place and Environment
  • NRE 587 b (2)(f) Making Place
  • NRE 590 a (2)(f) Principles of Eco Design
  • NRE 590 b (2)(f) Ecological Site Design
  • NRE 687 (4)* Landscape Planning and Analysis
  • NRE 688 (4) Site Planning and Design
  • NRE 691 (3) Planting Design
  • NRE 750 (2) Urban Design
  • NRE 787 (2+2) Metropolitan Design Dynamics


Visualization and Graphics Courses (7 credits)


Landscape Technologies (10 credits)

  • NRE 588 (4)(f) Site Engineering
  • NRE 591 (3)(f) Materials & Methods
  • NRE 501 (3) Professional Practice


Landscape History and Theory (3 credits} with additional suggested elective

  • NRE 503 (3) History & Theory of Landscape Design H & T Elective


Open Electives

Cognate (4 credits outside SEAS; can be double counted with other degree requirements)


SEAS Requirements (17-18 credits)

  • Ecological Processes  
    • NRE 509 (4) Ecology: Concepts & Applications
    • NRE 436 (4) Woody Plants
  • IAMS Requirement (2 courses; 3 credits minimum) (see reverse)
  • Opus Requirement (at most 6 credits of NRE 700/701)

*   Meets SEAS Analytics Requirement
** 44 non-foundation credits required by Rackham Graduate School

Any petitions to substitute or waive a requirement must be approved by appropriate faculty and submitted to OAP.

All courses must be taken on a graded basis, if taught for a grade. Courses modified as S/U do not count towards the 62 credit degree program.

Integrated Analytic Methods and Skills Requirement

Students are required, at some point during their time enrolled in the program, to take 2 courses composing at least 3 credits from a faculty-approved list of courses that focus on integrative analytic methods and skills. The faculty-approved existing courses that satisfy this requirement are listed below: