Geospatial Field Methods

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This field-based course will provide fundamental information on the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the use of GPS and other environmental measurement tools in field work in various environmental settings. Topics will focus on GPS system operations and techniques to improve accuracy. Differential correction and accuracy assessments will be learned and practiced outdoors.  Both code phase and carrier phase GPS will be discussed and applied in the field. Assorted types of GPS/field data collection equipment will be experimented with.  In addition to GPS handheld units, students will work with collector apps on tablets and Trimble (i.e. R1) based GPS equipment. Students will be transferring field data to and from desktop systems and will develop skills integrating GPS data with Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing applications. Students will learn the different image-based sampling methodologies and conduct field validation. Using what they have learned throughout the course, each student or group of students will design and carry out an independent GPS field experiment and present the results along with a research paper in a class at the end of the semester”.

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