Financial Aid

Figuring out how to finance your education can be an overwhelming process, but we are here to help. Many resources exist to help finance your graduate degree and offset the cost of attendance. SEAS offers select financial awards to incoming and continuing students. All SEAS students receive financial grants during their graduate program, ranging from $1,500 to full tuition and a stipend for living expenses. Additional grants are available through the Rackham Graduate School and other units within the University of Michigan. Interested students may also apply for external funding, including student loans.


Tuition & Fees Funding Opportunities FAQ


Getting Started

Your application to SEAS serves as your application for our recruitment tuition awards. These are competitive, merit-based awards. Additional funding opportunities from SEAS and U-M will be available after you accept admission. The majority of financial recruitment offers for the 2017-2018 academic year will be made by March 15, 2017. Funding offered by U-M, SEAS and external organizations:

  • Offsets cost of tuition and fees
  • Helps cover living expenses
  • Provides salary for professional internships
  • Recognizes outstanding achievements in specific areas
  • Supports travel for presentations at conferences, symposia and professional development meetings
  • Funds off-site research
  • Cover some costs incurred completing master’s projects, practica or theses

You can start your search for external funding by visiting Fastweb, SPIN, COS or another clearinghouse for student-centered grants.


Primary Types of Aid

Grants Payments to the student that need not be repaid
Loans Payments to the student that must be repaid with interest. They are offered through the United States government and private lenders.
GSA Student Employment

May include full tuition waiver, health and dental benefits, and a monthly stipend. There are three types of appointments:

  1. Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) provides instruction in courses designed and supervised by faculty. Appointments are for one term. Time commitment varies by department and course.
  2. Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) works on funded research projects under faculty supervision. Most appointments are for one term.
  3. Graduate Student Staff Assistant (GSSA) completes administrative assignments under supervision of faculty or staff. Appointments are for one term.
Student Hourly Employment

 Two types of hourly support:

  1. Hourly:  part-time work.
  2. Work study:  hourly support partially funded by the federal government.  Students must have a work study allocation as part of their funding package.  International students are not eligible.


International Student Resources


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