Applying for the Weinberg fellowship

Please download the application form, compile all materials and submit a .txt or .pdf file via an email attachment. The application should be no more than three pages in length (excluding CV) and must include:

  • A statement of purpose (description of the research)
  • A description of how the research proposal links the study of population, development and climate change
  • A budget spreadsheet. (If the budget is more than $7,500, present a plan for covering the difference or describe what would be done if the entire amount is not available)
  • Country of project/activity (international component required)
  • Name and contact information for three references (they can be academic or professional references)
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Name and contact information of the advisor endorsing the application

Questions? Patrick Shields: 734.764.8369

The application deadline is Friday, February 23. Recipients will be announced by March 30, 2018.