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Ecosystem Management

Ecosystem management uses an ecosystem-based approach to resource management in order to address the myriad challenges that arise from fragmented landscapes and diverse management strategies.


San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area © Steve Yaffee

Why Use an Ecosystem Management Approach?

Natural resource management is at a crossroads. New scientific understanding, updated management strategies and better methods for interaction are needed to begin solving the most pressing natural resource issues. An ecosystem management approach can help to solve these issues.

What are People Saying About Ecosystem Management?

Individuals and organizations have attempted to define ecosystem management since the term was first introduced in the early 1990s. Although many of the key concepts of ecosystem management remain the same, the debate to define ecosystem management still continues today.


What do we know about Ecosystem Management in Practice?


EMI has been tracking over 100 ecosystem mananagement cases across the country. Click here for the trends we have seen in practice.

EMI’s Current Core Activities

Rocky Mountain landscape © EMIFaculty, staff, and affiliates at EMI advance research, training, and outreach in ecosystem management through a series of interconnected strategies. The major activities and projects currently underway at EMI include:

Ecosystem Management References

In addition to a list of EM-related websites, EMI staff have compiled a bibliography of books and articles relating to Ecosystem Management.




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