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Measuring Progress: Worksheets and Situation Maps

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Worksheets in Word Format

Getting Started


Worksheet A Worksheet B


Brainstorming sheets
Worksheet B
Worksheet C

Worksheet D


Worksheets in Excel Format

Worksheet A

Worksheet D


Free viewers of Word and Excel are available if you do not have these programs installed on your computer.


To download these worksheets:

Netscape: Click the link and save it to your hard disk. (or right-click the link, choose "save link as" then open the file with Word or Excel).


Internet Explorer: View the file in the browser by clicking on the link (if Office is installed). To download the file, right-click the link, choose "save target as" and open with Word or Excel.


Large Worksheet A and Situation Map Template

This 11 x 17 inch version of Worksheet A can be created using post-it notes that can then be transferred to a situation map.

If you are working on creating a situation map as a group exercise, you can print out this wall-sized situation map template. It is sized 24 x 36 inches and can be printed on a plotter.

If you do not have PowerPoint, download the free viewer.


Situation Map Software for Stage A

A computer program is available to help you create your situation map. You can download this concept map software from the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition at http://cmap.coginst.uwf.edu/index.html.


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