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Few places exist where practitioners, scholars and policy makers can come together on "neutral" ground to discuss and deliberate. Yet the ecological challenges of the upcoming century require much more communication and innovation derived from the contributions of many minds. Practitioners, researchers and policy makers need to share insights about how to achieve science-based, collaborative ecosystem management in order to produce better management, informed research direction and more effective public policies.


The Ecosystem Management Initiative and the School of Natural Resources & Environment sponsor a wide range of ecosystem management-related events in order to bring practitioners, researchers, policy makers and students of ecosystem management together to explore key conceptual issues and identify recommendations for new areas of research, policy and practice. These events have taken the form of presentations, workshops, forums, conferences, dialogues or symposia.

Past Events of 2009

Carbon Markets & Payments for Ecosystem Services: Perspectives from the U.S. Forest Service

A presentation by Sarah Hines, Presidential Management Fellow


October 15, 2009

Hosted by the Doris Duke Conservation Fellows, the Wyss Scholars, and the EcoValuation Working Group.

Sarah Hines is an SNRE/Ross alum and Presidential Management Fellow with the Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry and the Northern Research Station. In her current position, she focuses on issues related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the potential for private landowners to engage in emerging carbon and other ecosystem service markets. Sarah will discuss emerging ecosystem service markets, the changing role of the U.S. Forest Service, and her work as a Presidential Management Fellow; there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions.

Co-Management: The Experience of the Washoe Tribe and US Forest Service at Lake Tahoe

A presentation by Mary Adelzadeh, Regional Land Conservation Manager, Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council


October 12, 2009

Hosted by the Doris Duke Conservation Fellows, the Wyss Scholars, and the Ecosystem Management Initiative.

Mary Adelzadeh is an SNRE alum and former DDCF Fellow. She has worked for the BLM and USFS as a training coordinator for workshops on community-based collaborative resource management and community volunteerism. She has also worked as a community organizer for an environmental and social justice organization in Nevada, where she focused on bringing federal land management agencies, private mining interests, and Native Americans together to shape government policy regarding the impact of mining on ancestral Indian lands and sacred sites.

Skills Module: The NEPA Process

March 4, 2009

The Wyss Scholars for the Conservation of the American West and the Doris Duke Conservation Fellows host a hands-on, simulation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. If you are interested in gaining an understanding of the legal underpinnings of the NEPA process, want to build your awareness about how and why advocacy organizations participate in these processes, and
want to gain valuable experience through participating in a mock NEPA process, this is event is for you. Nada Culver, Senior Counsel for The Wilderness Society in their BLM Action, center will be on hand to offer valuable insights from her experiences as well as to guide students through the problem based learning exercise.




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