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Additional Resources for Partnerships

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Natural Resource Collaboration Resources

Partnership Resource Center Tools, Templates and Guides

Redlodge Clearinghouse Collaboration Site

Community-based Collaboratives Research Consortium

Carl Moore - The Community Store
toolkit with techniques to use for increasing communication, sample ground rules, in -depth facilitator script, action plan template

Ecosystem Management Initiative's collaboration publications

EPA : Community Based Environmental Programs
getting a partnership started, success factors, stumbling blocks, where to get help

EPA: RCRA Public Participation Manual
informal meetings with other stakeholders, attending other stakeholders' meetings and functions

EPA: Stakeholders Involvement and Public Participation
unique barriers, innovative approaches, and lessons learned in effective stakeholder involvement

EPA: Stakeholders Roles in Constructive Engagement - pdf document
factors making constructive engagement successful, challenges, costs and benefits, designing the process, lessons learned

Western Governors' Association: Watershed Partnerships
how to start, how to organize, incentives, obstacles, success, lessons learned


General Collaboration Resources

Building Community Collaboration and Consensus
why and how to build community collaboration, who to include, why and how to build consensus, how to keep it going

California Center for Public Dispute Resolution
five stages of collaborative decision making on public issues

Conflict Research Consortium, Conflict Resolution Information Source
collaboration problems and possible treatments, activities and information on specific techniques for promoting collaboration

Chandler Center for Community Leadership
forces behind, benefits and challenges of, and roles and responsibilities in community collaboration

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory: Establishing Collaboratives and Partnerships
some guidelines for effective collaboration/factors necessary for collaboration to work; worksheet format about assets available for collaboration

Together We Can
toolkit about collaborative decision making and public engagement


Funding Sources

Redlodge Clearinghouse funding source list

The Partnership Resource Center funding source list

Building Community Collaboration and Consensus
list of possible funding sources for collaborative efforts

EPA Community Grant Opportunities
EPA grants for community and environmental programs

National Rural Development Partnership
assistance for rural partnerships

Resources for Community Collaboration
grant making organization for natural resource collaborative projects, mainly in the west


Collaboration Training

University of Michigan's Ecosystem Management Initiative Mid-career Collaborative Resource Management courses

Redlodge Clearinghouse training list

The Partnership Resource Center training list


Natural Resource Mediation, Facilitation, and Negotiation Services

CDR Associates

The Community Store

services- facilitation and mediation services for environmental issues

Consensus Building Institute

Institute for Environmental Negotiation
services- mediation and consensus building

Meridian Institute

Redlodge Clearinghouse services list

mediation and negotiation: building consensus, managing science and technical information, selecting a mediator, convening questions and reports, participation agreements, conducting effective agreements, ground rules

US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution


General Mediation, Facilitation, and Negotiation Services

Association for Conflict Resolution

ADR Resources
mediation: preparing, checklist, script for opening statement, pitfalls and obstacles in mediation


mediation: building consensus, process/timing/costs of mediation, choosing a mediator, sample ground rules and agreement, and caucusing


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