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Members of the faculty and some graduate students have published numerous articles and reports in the area of Ecosystem Management, including:

  • Anderson, J. and S. L. Yaffee. 1998. Balancing Public Trust and Private Interest: Public Participation in Habitat Conservation Planning, A Summary Report. A research report commission by the National Wildlife Federation. Ann Arbor: School of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan. (full text available in PDF format).

  • Brown, D.G., Pijanowski, B.C., and Duh, J.-D. 2000. Modeling the Relationships between Land-Use and Land-Cover on Private Lands in the Upper Midwest, USA. Journal of Environmental Management, 59: 247-263.

  • Erickson, D. L., R. L. Ryan and R. De Young. 2002. Woodlots in the rural landscape: landowner motivations and management attitudes in a Michigan (USA) case study Landscape and Urban Planning 58 (2-4): 101-112. (full text available in PDF format; reprinted with permission from Elsevier Science and ScienceDirectTM.)

  • Hoffman, Andrew, Max Bazerman, and Steven Yaffee. 1997. Balancing Business Interests and Endangered Species Protection. Sloan Management Review 39(1): 59-73.

  • Kleiman, Richard and Donna Erickson, 1996. "Landscape change in an agricultural watershed: the effect of parcelization on riparian forest cover." Environment and Planning B(23): 25-36.

  • Lapin, M. and B.V. Barnes. 1995. Using the landscape ecosystem approach to assess species and ecosystem diversity. Conservation Biology 9:1148-1158.

  • McCann, Elizabeth, Shannon Sullivan, Donna Erickson and Raymond De Young, 1997. "Environmental awareness, economic orientation, and farming practices: a comparison of organic and conventional farmers." Environmental Management 21(5): 747-758.

  • Nassauer, J.I. 1995. Cultural Principles for Landscape Ecology. Landscape Ecology 10(4): 229-237.

  • Nassauer, J.I. 1990. Concluding Summary of the First International Conference on Cultural Aspects of Landscape Ecology. In H. Svobodova, editor. Cultural Aspects of Landscape. Pudoc. Wageningen, Netherlands.

  • Poff, N.L. and J.D. Allan, et. al. 1997. The natural flow regime: A paradigm for conservation and restoration. Bioscience 47: 769-784.

  • Seelbach, P.W. and M.J. Wiley. 1997. Overview of the Michigan Rivers Inventory (MRI) Project. Fisheries Technical Report No. 97-3. Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Tompkins, T., W. Whipps, L. Manor, M.J. Wiley, C. Radcliffe and D. Majewski. 1996. Relationships between land cover and the hydrological and water quality characteristics of a mid-Michigan Watershed. In: Ecology and Management of Northern Forested Wetlands. CRC Press.

  • Wilshusen, P. S.R. Brechin, C. L. Fortwangler, P. C. West. 2002. "Reinventing a Square Wheel: Critique of a Resurgent "Protection Paradigm" in International Biodiversity Conservation ." Society & Natural Resources. 15(1): 17-40.

  • Wondolleck, Julia M. and Steven L. Yaffee. 2000. Making Collaboration Work. Conservation Biology in Practice, 1(1):17-25. (Full text available in PDF format).

  • Yaffee, Steven L. 1999. Three Faces of Ecosystem Management. Conservation Biology, 13(4): 713-725.

  • Yaffee, Steven L. 1997. Why Environmental Policy Nightmares Recur. Conservation Biology 11(2): 1-10.

  • Zak, D.R., K.S. Pregitzer, P.S. Curtis, and W.E. Holmes. 2000. Atmospheric CO2 and the composition and function of soil microbial communities. Ecological Applications 10: 47-59.

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