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Ecosystem Management in the United States:
An Assessment of Current Experience

A Master's Project completed for the School of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan
Ali Phillips, Irene Frentz, Paul Hardy, Sussanne Maleki, Barbara Thorpe
Advised by Professor Steve Yaffee
April 1995

Project Summary

This report is the first practical and comprehensive guide to ecosystem management efforts nationwide that meets the needs of practitioners and decisionmakers alike. The report provides:

  • conclusions about the aggregate experiences at 105 ecosystem management sites
  • two-page descriptions of each of the 105 sites: the projects and project areas, the stresses that are evident on the site, and the strategies employed to deal with them
  • an assessment of the status of each effort, including factors that are facilitating and constraining progress
  • contact information for follow-up
  • summary information including maps and lists of projects by state and region, date of origin, land ownership patterns, and sizes
  • matrixes arraying projects by features such as outcomes, stresses, and organizations involved

The masters project was published by Island Press in 1996.

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