Co-Design for Sustainability (CoDeS)

Event Date: 
Thursday, June 7, 2018, 10:00 am to Saturday, June 9, 2018, 4:00 pm

Co-Design for Sustainability (CoDeS) is going to take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Organized around real-world case studies, the event will invite practitioners, community members, international experts, artists, teachers, and students to work collaboratively on solutions for sustainability challenges and communication innovations to connect research, teaching, and practice. CoDeS connects campus, civic, and corporate learning to improve, scale, and evaluate sustainability practice. Highlights will include our first annual Michigan Sustainability Case "Premières" featuring scientists, CEOs and activists or artists (in partnership with the Mayor's Green Fair, Cinetopia Film Festival, and Bill's Beer Garden). Following the screenings and discussions on Friday will be an Awards Ceremony/Gala on Saturday overlooking and spilling into the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. Over the course of three days, we will also bring you: multi-media case co-creation studios (in partnership with UM CRLT, UM Academic Innovation, and Zingerman's MakerWorks), social design and policy charrettes (in partnership with the Schools of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Art&Design, the Department of Environmental Quality, and the City of Ann Arbor), and a digital innovation hackathon (in partnership with Duo Security, the Urban Sustainability Director's Network, and Girl Develop It). Come learn how our cases are working from Detroit to Kathmandu, and how we are making more with partners from the Mountains of Central China to the coasts of West Africa. All of these efforts are anchored by our ability to "bring the lessons home" to where we work and live, enabling local residents to use our digital platform to earn sustainability certificates from the city, but also to connect with those in other cities around the world who are creatively remaking their day to day world for a more sustainable future.

The CoDeS is designed for, but not limited to:
Ann Arbor residents who are looking to complete cases through MSC learning platform and get a certificate for tax credit, community members who are looking to make an impact and are searching for expertise and talents to help them, faculty who want to improve their teaching and build closer connections with the community, early career professionals looking to build their own teaching portfolios, graduate students who look to acquire skills including science communication and multimedia production, students who are looking to get a real-world experience in problem solving, practitioners who wish to influence the cultivation of talents the field need by impacting the curriculum, practitioners who are interested in more public education and outreach, and practitioners who are interested in meeting other practitioners and faculty from different fields.


Annex Space at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival

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Pearl Zhu Zeng (