Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences: Smith Lecture

Event Date: 
Friday, September 15, 2017, 3:30 pm

The department invites everybody to attend the Smith Lecture on Friday September 15 at 3:30 in room 1528 C. C. Little. There will be a reception afterwards in room 2540 C. C. Little. Join the department of Earth and Environmental sciences as they host a lecture by Victor Tsai, about many natural hazards that have been well known and qualitatively understood for decades, but still lack accurate measures of how damaging future events will be. Despite many years of research, it still remains a question as to how much variability in ground motions one should expect of a large San Andreas type earthquake, and whether early warning for debris flows can be successfully implemented. In this talk, he address both of these questions by using simple but physically sound mechanical principles to quantify certain aspects of these hazards.


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1528 C.C. Little

Contact person(s): 
Dale Austin (, 248.912.8108)