Kathleen Bergen

Associate Research Scientist


PhD, University of Michigan (Resource Ecology and Management)

MS, University of Illinois (Information Science)

BS, Western Illinois University (Geography)

(734) 615-8834


Associate Research Scientist Kathy Bergen, PhD, works in the areas of human dimensions of environmental change; remote sensing, GIS and biodiversity Informatics; and environmental health and informatics. Her focus is on combining field and geospatial data and methods to study the pattern and process of ecological systems, biodiversity and health. She also strives to build bridges between science and social science to understand the implications of human actions on the social and natural systems of which we are a part.

  • USDA Forest Service: SNRE Forest Properties: Forest Research, Data Sharing and Outreach. PI Kathleen Bergen. 2015-2017.
  • NASA: LCLUC Synthesis: Ecosystem-Society Interactions on a Changing Mongolian Plateau. PI Jiquan Chen. 2014-2017.
  • NASA: LCLUC SYNTHESIS: Forested Land Cover and Land Use Change in the Far East of the Northern Eurasia Under the Combined Drivers of Climate and Socio-Economic Transformation.  PI Kathleen Bergen. 2012-2017.

  • UM Center for Russian and East European Studies (CREES), faculty Research Associate, 2000-present
  • Appointed member: NASA Headquarters DESDynI Ecology Science Study Team, 2008-2012
  • Invited contributor to NASA Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI and NEFI) 2003 and the 2016 science plans and invited author and lead author on book chapters.
  • Gamma Theta Upsilon Geography Honor Society. Western Illinois University chapter; Beta Phi Mu Information Science Honor Society. University of Illinois chapter; Xi Sigma PiForestry Honor Society, University of Michigan chapter.

Select publications: 
  • Groisman, P., Shugart, H. and multiple co-authors including K. Bergen. In Press for 2018. Northern Eurasia Future Initiative (NEFI): Facing the Challenges and Pathways of Global Change in the 21st century. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science (PEPS).
  • Cordero-Sancho, S. and K. Bergen. 2017. Relationships of Agricultural Land Use to an Expanded Road Network within Tropical Forest Landscapes of Cameroon and Republic of the Congo. The Professional Geographerhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00330124.2017.1325752
  • Bergen, K., Hitztaler, S., Kharuk, S., Krankina, O., Loboda, T., Zhao, T., Shugart, H., Sun, G.  2013. Human Dimensions of Environmental Change in Siberia.  Chapter 7 in G. Gutman and P. Groisman, editors, Regional Environmental Changes in Siberia and Their Global Consequences. New York, Springer. 357 pp.
  • Hitztaler, S. and K. Bergen.  2013. Mapping Resource Use over a Russian Landscape: An Integrated Look at Harvesting of a Non-Timber Forest Product in Central Kamchatka. Environmental Research Letters, 8: 045020.
  • Bergen, K. M., S. J. Goetz, R. O. Dubayah, G. M. Henebry, C. T. Hunsaker, M. L. Imhoff, R. F. Nelson, G. G. Parker, and V. C. Radeloff. 2010. Remote Sensing of Vegetation 3-D Structure for Biodiversity and Habitat: Review and Implications for Lidar and Radar Spaceborne Missions. Journal of Geophysical Research.
  • Bergen, K., Zhao, T., Kharuk, V., Blam, Y., Brown, D. Peterson, L., Miller, N. 2008. Changing Regimes: Forested Land-Cover Dynamics in Central Siberia 1974-2001. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 74:787-798.
  • Luguang J., K. Bergen, D. Brown, Q. Tian, Q. Shuhua, T. Zhao, 2008. Land-Cover Change and Vulnerability to Flooding near Poyang Lake, Jiangxi Province, China. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 74: 775-786.


Association of American Geographers (AAG)

NASA Land-cover/Land-Use Change Program

Children's Environmental Health Initiative

  • NASA Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI and NEFI) 2003-present
  • NASA Headquarters DESDynI Ecology Science Study Team (2008-2012).
  • NSF Workshop on Research on Coupled Ecological and Human Dynamics at Poyang Lake Basin, China, 2008.
  • Workshop Organizing Committee, NASA Vegetation 3D Structure and Biomass (2007- 2008).

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