Pamela Jagger, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Ph.D. Public Policy, Indiana University
M.Sc. Forest Economics, University of Alberta
B.A. Economics, University of Alberta


Dr. Jagger is a global leader in interdisciplinary population and environment research, with a strong record of scholarship.  Trained at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, and with an initial focus on natural resources, Professor Jagger’s current research program includes a substantial focus on health consequences of biofuels-based cooking and efficient stoves in East Africa, and she recently initiated work on energy transitions. Her work also focuses on an under-investigated but extremely important research area originated in concerns with land use and forest cover change.  Her research has transformed to include concerns with more novel research questions related to the effects of land and forest use on energy transitions and health. This is especially unique in comparison to the focus of many scholars of land use and land cover change who are concerned with the important, but somewhat more conventional, impacts related to human well-being, forest carbon and biodiversity.

Dr. Jagger has emerged as one of the leading researcher of energy transitions, the relationship between energy use, and the health and wellbeing outcome associated with such use and with energy transitions in poor countries. Her research is among the first to examine the energy use and health consequences of forest and land use, and changes in terrestrial resource use, a direction that is both important, and that few other research investigators have pursued.


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