Sara Meerow

Doctoral Track: 
Resource Policy and Behavior (RPB)
Entering year: 
PhD, University of Michigan (resource policy and behavior), 2017 (Expected) 
MS, University of Amsterdam,  (international development studies), 2010
BA, University of Florida (political science and history), 2009

Sara is a Ph.D. candidate at SNRE whose research generally focuses on 1) the theory and practice of urban resilience; 2) green infrastructure planning; 3) urban climate adaptation. Her dissertation examines the political and scalar dimensions of using green infrastructure to foster resilience in a range of cities including Manila (Philippines), New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit. For each of these cities, she is developing a spatial planning model for evaluating trade-offs between green infrastructure resilience functions and identifying priority areas (or ‘hotspots’) where green infrastructure can be strategically developed so as to maximize ecosystem service benefits.

Sara has a bachelor’s in political science and history from the University of Florida and a master’s in international development studies from the University of Amsterdam. Her master’s research explored policies for small-scale renewable power generation in Thailand and their impact on the resilience of the energy sector. Before coming to Michigan, Sara worked as a junior researcher at the University of Amsterdam, where she was involved in several international research projects relating to urban sustainability, innovation, and renewable energy development.

Sara is also the graduate coordinator for the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Urban Sustainability and Resilience and chair of the Doctoral Student Organizing Committee (DOC) for SNRE.

Select publications: 

Peer Reviewed Publications

Meerow, Sara and Joshua Newell. 2017. Spatial planning for multifunctional green infrastructure: Growing resilience in DetroitLandscape and Urban Planning 159: 62-75

Meerow, Sara and Joshua Newell. 2016. Urban resilience for whom, what, when, where, and why? Urban Geography

Meerow, Sara and Melissa Stults. 2016. Comparing conceptualizations of urban climate resilience in theory and practiceSustainability. 8(7): 701. 

Meerow, Sara, Joshua Newell, Melissa Stults. 2016. Defining urban resilience: A reviewLandscape and Urban Planning. 147: 38-49. 

Nordgren, John, Melissa Stults, Sara Meerow. 2016. Supporting Local Climate Change Adaptation: Where we are and where we need to goEnvironmental Science & Policy. 

Full list of publications here.