Fish Communities in Great Lakes Marshes: HOME 


Personnel and primary products deriving from the Les Cheneaux Great Lakes Marsh bay fish sampling studies from 1996 to 1999.

Principal Investigators

Paul W. Webb. 
James S. Diana. 
James A. Teeri.

Student Theses

Megan Conlon. 
Columbine Culberg. 
Natalya Eagan. 
Tomas Hook. 
Laura Welsh.

Class projects derived from the Les Cheneaux data.

Natalya Eagan - Water resources policy and development in Les Cheneaux. 
Tomas Hook - statistical analysis of age and size data from scales. 
Heather Farrington - human impacts on Les Cheneuax Bays. 
Amy Schrank - application of GIS for spatial data organization and analysis. 
Laura Welsh - further application of GIS techniques. 
Michelle Jacques, Erica Gwynn, Sara Marcotte-McKay - preliminary tests of simple sampling techniques towards a rapid assessment method for fish communities. 
Laura Eidietis - determination of minimum number of sampling days for biomonitoring.
Emily Cloyd, Marde McHenry, Mark Rogers, Jane Rynbrandt - monitoring Les Cheneaux bays.

Independent Studies and Class Projects
Melissa Slotnick.
Lisa Galbravi. 
Francesca Ivaldi. 
Melissa Slotnick.
Kyle Hogg. 
Erica Gwynn. 
Sarah Marcotte-McKay. 
Michelle Jacques. 
Heather Farrington.
Laura Eidietis.
Kyle Hogg, 
Justin Keanear.



Emily Cloyd, Marde McHenry, Mark Rogers,

Sarah Kern,
Chris Schooley,
Meghan Taylor,


Field Crews (* crew leaders)

1996 1997 1998 1999
*Amy Schrank.
Laura Welsh.
*Amy Schrank.
*Cynthia Gerstner.
*Natalya Eagan.
Megan Conlon.
Joseph Bump.
Kirk Watera.
*Tomas Hook.
*Megan Conlon.
Amy Schrank.
Joseph Bump.
Melissa Slotnick.
Mona Hanna.
Matthew Diana.
Columbine Culberg. 

Lisa Passerello.
Amy Thompson.
2000 2001    
*Toni Gardiner,
Emily Cloyd, Marde McHenry, Mark Rogers,

High School Student:
Jane Rynbrandt (Petoskey).
*Jen MacKay,
*Lori Ivan,
Sarah Kern,
Jen Metz,
Chris Schooley,
Meghan Taylor,

High School Students:
Nick Schaedig (Cedarville)
Esther Loeffler (Vienna, Austria)