Kerry C. Duggan

MS '06

Kerry C. Duggan is a Partner in the Sustainability Practice of RIDGE-LANE LP.

Ms. Duggan served as Deputy Director for Policy in the Office of Vice President Joe Biden, providing direct advice to the Vice President on policy issues, including energy, the environment, climate, national security, infrastructure, clean technology, water, resilient cities, and urban revitalization, finance and R&D.  She simultaneously served as Deputy Director of the White House’s Detroit task force.

Prior to, Duggan served as the Secretary of Energy's Liaison to the City of Detroit where her key areas of focus were the street lighting conversion to LEDs, manufacturing, renewable power generation, energy efficiency and sustainable transportation. Her previous roles at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) include Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Director of Legislative, Regulatory & Urban Affairs, and Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. 

She also led the federal political and campaigns activities for the non-partisan national League of Conservation Voters, where she worked directly with hundreds of candidates and campaigns in support of a clean energy future at the local, state, and federal level, including direct interviews of major candidates for U.S. House, Senate, and Presidential races.

Duggan earned her B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont and her M.S. in Natural Resource Policy & Behavior from the University of Michigan, where she helped frame the national Coping with Climate Change Summit, and co-authored “Downtown Detroit in Focus: A Profile of Market Opportunity” with The Brookings Institution. 

She is also co-founder of the national Smart Cities Lab, which helps cities accelerate the process of solving urban mobility, climate and equity-related challenges.  Duggan serves on the External Advisory Boards of the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise and School for Environment & Sustainability at the University of Michigan.  She is also a Board Member of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.