Landscape Architecture - Two Year Program Requirements

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 MLA 2YR Courses and Requirements effective Fall 2018 and beyond   [PDF]


  • Ten (10) credit hours in the Landscape Architecture core taught by an LA faculty member. Choose from the list below:
  • One (1) course totaling at least three (3) credits from social or natural science
  • One analytics course from the approved list [PDF]
  • At least nine (9) credit hours of graduate-level electives (400-level or higher)
  • At most six (6) credit hours of EAS 701/702 or 12 credits of EAS 700 comprising the program opus
  • Minimum four (4) credit hours of cognate courses in an academic unit other than SEAS
  • Minimum 19 EAS credit hours
  • Minimum 36 total credit hours 

Please note that specific courses taken toward the 2-year MLA degree should be planned and approved by your advisor. Any waiver or substitution of degree requirement must be approved by the appropriate faculty and submitted to OAP. Also note that all courses must be taken on a graded basis (if taught for a grade). Courses modified as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory do not count toward the 36-credit hour degree program.