Environmental Informatics (EI) Degree Requirements and Courses

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EI Courses and Requirements effective for students admitted Fall 2018 and beyond [PDF]

Summary of requirements:

  • Two (2) EI core courses: EAS 531 and EAS 541
  • 6 credits of EI elective course work
  • EAS 509 and EAS 510
  • Two (2) courses totaling at least three (3) credits from the approved list of Integrated Analytic Methods & Skills (IAMS) courses [PDF]
  • One statistics course from the approved list [PDF]
  • Cognates: at least four (4) credit hours outside of SEAS (may be counted toward other requirements) (required for students admitted F17 and before)
  • Graduate-level electives (400-level or higher)
  • Minimum 25 EAS credit hours
  • Minimum 42 total credit hours

*Complete listing of EAS courses (including those from other fields of study)