Environmental Policy and Planning Career Resources

Graduates of SEAS's EPP program can work as policy analysts, advocates, planners, program managers, and leaders in nonprofit environmental organizations, land trusts, all levels of government, consulting firms, and corporations. The collaboration and dispute resolution training integral to this field of study opens job opportunities at environmental mediation firms and regional partnerships. Some graduates decide to pursue research careers at academic institutions and with nonprofit organizations.

Other career options span the range of geographic scales, including community-based conservation, state-level environmental management, federal policy-making, and work at international institutions, such as the United Nations Development Programme and World Wildlife Fund. Below is a list of employers of EPP graduates.

Featured EPP Employers


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Internship Information

EPP students acquire many of the skills listed below. Consider including those that apply to you on your resume:

Advocacy, anthropology, economics, government relations, management, planning, policy analysis, politics, psychology, and sociology.


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