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This class will be divided in three one-credit installments to better meet the needs of SEAS interdisciplinary PhD program. Each one-credit class will meet for a semester for a sequence of three semesters total.  Each semester will have a focus starting with community building and getting started at SEAS; Research Design, and Proposal Writing and Reviewing. This design is the result of consultation both with former SEAS PhD students and other SEAS faculty. We are trying to create an iterative process through which we can meet and adapt to the diversity of PhD students at SEAS while strengthening the ties between each new PhD class with faculty and other students. Overall, the goals for the class (which can change as we all learn from this experience) are:


  1. build a community of PhD students and faculty
  2. prepare students to work on their research goals
  3. support students in their proposal writing without interfering with their work with their own advisors
  4. create a sustainable inviting environment in which PhD students can rely and learn from each other and from faculty
  5. support PhD students to meet the milestones in their PhD career at SEAS in a timely and stress-free fashion.


Specific Goals:

  1. understanding PhD requirements and milestones; developing a milestones calendar
  2. accessing resources for a successful PhD career
  3. developing a 3 min-3 slides presentation
  4. start working on research proposals and providing community feedback



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3 total
NO Pass/Fail or S/U option
Pre-candidate status in doctoral program

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