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The Urban Design Studio focuses on design in urban contexts at a range of scales - from neighborhood down to site - while introducing students to spatial configuration in urban environments that integrate the many cultural, spatial, architectural, and ecological issues of these places. This studio aims to further develop skills in conceptualization and visualization through consideration of contemporary urban design issues. It includes documentation and analysis of urban form and process, and explores site planning and design of the public realm. Issues of local and regional identity and sustainability inform the approach of the studio.
1. To gain experience in documenting, analyzing and understanding urban form and its evolution
2. To develop knowledge of key concepts and principles of urban design and their application through the exploration of an approach and methodology for urban design
3. To develop the ability to address issues and opportunities at the urban scale in three-dimensional form through a process of design development
4. To gain experience in graphic thinking and communication as it relates to urban design
The course aims for students to engage with complex urban design challenges and to achieve levels of design resolution well beyond their previous studio assignments, while critically engaging and challenging their own design processes. Students are required to take a clear position on the issues at stake and articulate that position visually and spatially through their own individual project. All assignment work will be project-based, with each of the stages building upon one another to produce a final design that demonstrates technical, theoretical, ecological and spatial competencies.
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