Ann Arbor Farm & Garden Scholarship

AAF&G is all about growing gardens and gardeners, and since 1946 we've raised and awarded more than $600,000 in support of that mission. 


• Applicants must be enrolled in a legitimate course of study having to do with horticultural, agricultural, or environmental fields, or horticultural therapy, at an accredited educational institution.

• Scholarship funds must be used to support education in horticultural, agricultural, or environmental fields, or horticultural therapy education.

The following information must be included in your application:

1) Outline your educational plan, providing clearly defined objectives.

2) Explain how and when the scholarship monies would be used.

3) Provide a personal statement describing your interests and abilities, and what led you to your preferred field of study.

4) Provide two letters of recommendation from people who know you (not relatives). 

5) Explain any additional support resources you will use to meet your objectives.

Funding Amounts: Funding amounts depend on the success of the annual Ann Arbor Garden Walk™ and may range from $500 to $1500. 

Application Process: Download the application here. All scholarship applications must be submitted in digital form in one single document to Photographs, recommendation letters, or any other materials MUST NOT be sent as separate attachments to the application. 

Once decisions have been made, applicants will be notified in February 2020 by the Ann Arbor Farm & Garden Club of their status. 

Application deadline: 
November 15, 2019
Key eligibility criteria: 
Permanent Resident or Alien
PhD Students
Funding source: 
Ann Arbor Farm & Garden
Nonprofit or NGO
Last updated: 
November 12, 2019