Public Scholarship Grants

Public Scholarship Grants 

The Public Scholarship Grants support mutually beneficial projects between Rackham students and a broad spectrum of community partner organizations that result in the co-creation of public goods. The grants are generously supported by the University of Michigan Office of Research.

Program Overview

The Public Scholarship Grants support mutually beneficial projects between Rackham students and a broad spectrum of community partner organizations. These have included civic organizations, cultural institutions, government agencies, K-12 schools, and community groups. Grant projects are collaboratively-designed and result in products that advance new knowledge, enrich civic life, or address a pressing social issue. Rackham students may apply for up to $8,000 to develop and implement mutually-beneficial projects designed in collaboration with non-academic partners. Grants may be awarded to individual students working with a community partner organization or those working as part of multidisciplinary teams.

Learning Goals

The Public Scholarship Grants aim to support students’ intellectual and professional development by helping them: Apply their scholarly knowledge and methods to serve the public good Initiate and develop trusting, mutually beneficial collaborations with their community partners Translate and apply their various skills (collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking, research, leadership, etc.) in public settings Experience the rewards of scholarship, pedagogy, and/or creative work that has real social impact. Rackham supports students in achieving these goals by: Providing resources, networking, and training opportunities to increase the depth and impact of graduate student engagement in public scholarship Promoting the creation and dissemination of public goods and scholarly knowledge Providing professional development opportunities for graduate students interested in publicly-engaged careers both inside and outside the academy.

How to Apply

Public Scholarship Grants are awarded annually. The CFA for Public Scholarship Grants is posted each September with awards announced in early spring. The application process includes two rounds. In the first, interested Rackham students submit a letter of intent describing their proposed project. Strong applicants will be invited to complete the application, which includes attendance at a proposal workshop. Please note that priority will be given to students who have not yet received a grant.

Application Timeline
Letter of intent due as an attachment to September 30, 2019
Mandatory grant workshop for invited proposals and community partners: October 23, 2019, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Submit full proposal using online form. December 16, 2019
Award notifications sent. February 2020
Application deadline: 
September 30, 2019
Funding type: 
a U-M unit (not SEAS or Rackham)
Last updated: 
August 22, 2019