Sort the Trash on Earth

Explore some of the common challenges we are facing on Earth and learn more about recycling in this student-developed game. Is it a quick refresher for you or brand-new information? Test your skills and find out.

The recycling information in this game utilizes information provided by Recycle Ann Arbor in Michigan and is specific to the geographic region. Items depicted as recyclable may not necessarily be accepted in other curbside recycling programs. Please refer to the recycling program in your municipality for specific details about what can be placed in curbside bins and/or taken to the local drop-off recycling facility.

Please note this information is to be thought-provoking and to encourages everyone to learn and understand the recycling rules in their community. Please follow the recycling rules in your specific area to prevent recycling contamination.

This game is best played on a computer web browser or tablet.


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