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University Climate Support

  • Consistent with SEAS's DEI values, creating and maintaining a respectful and welcoming environment for all to live, learn, work and thrive is a priority at the University of Michigan. To that end, a group of professional staff members provide Campus Climate Support and focus on addressing concerns that may create harm to members of the University community based on their identity. Reports of campus climate concerns by U-M students, faculty and staff are addressed by the Campus Climate Support staff. Please visit to learn more about U-M's engagement as well as reporting.

University of Michigan Ombuds programs

  • Office of the University Faculty Ombuds is a confidential, impartial, informal, and independent resource for information and assistance in conflict resolution that serves faculty members of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. It helps in resolving academic and administrative problems and disputes through procedures that may be preferable to a formal grievance or judicial proceedings. In addition, the SEAS Faculty Ombuds person is Dr. Steve Yaffee who is also available as a source of unit-based information concerning University policies and for assistance in the resolution of disputes.
  • Staff Ombuds Program is designed to provide independent, confidential, impartial and informal conflict resolution services to all non-bargained-for staff on the Ann Arbor campus and at Michigan Medicine. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of healthy, safe and open dialogue and facilitating cooperative problem-solving resolution. create and maintain a positive working environment, including individual assessments and options, communication and conflict coaching, group facilitation and regular feedback to campus leaders regarding systemic issues. Contact the Staff Ombuds office here.
  • The Office of the Ombuds is a place where all students are welcome to come and talk in confidence about any campus issue, concern, problem, or dispute. You may contact us anytime—as a first step, as a last resort, or anywhere along the way. We are here when you need us, so come and share your concerns. We will help you evaluate your situation and plan your next step—if you want to take one. Student Ombuds person is Tom Lekher and can be reached at or 734-763-3545.

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