Director of the Institute for Global Change Biology

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The University of Michigan invites nominations and applications for the Director of the new Institute for Global Change Biology (IGCB).  This is an exceptional opportunity to lead global change research across the University of Michigan campus.  The IGCB was created as part of the University President’s Biosciences Initiative, funded at $150 million to develop new institutes and programs across the University of Michigan campus.  New faculty hires are designed to strengthen research and education through strategic leadership, coordination and the development of new and exciting research opportunities. We anticipate an additional 4 joint-appointment faculty hires within the IGCB in 2020 and 2021.The IGCB seeks to understand the biosphere’s responses to a variety of human activities, including climate change and shifting ecological regions, land-use conversion, release of pollutants and species introductions.  These processes and their impacts are complex, interactive, and difficult to address.  Research must develop new methods towards generating forecasts that combine changes, impacts and responses to assist science-based decision making relevant to society.  The IGCB will foster research to understand and forecast the interactive effects of global change on ecosystems.  The IGCB’s mission is to: 1) Understand the complex interactions of global change biology; 2) Develop decision-making frameworks for mitigating and adapting to global change; 3) Identify forecast indicators; 4) Develop robust forecast models; and 5) Focus on issues that inform decision-makers on solutions to existing and emerging global change issues.