Erb Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

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The Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise (Erb) at the University of Michigan, in partnership with the Michigan Ross Business School’s Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) seeks a post-doctoral scholar to help develop and lead a two-year research effort focusing on business sustainability change agents. Specifically, the post-doctoral scholar will conduct research on questions relate to the following topics:

What tactics help change agents influence companies towards sustainability impact and thriving organizational culture? This may include advocating for new products and services, policies, or practices.
How do change agents build their psychological resilience and maintain their motivation?
A key focus of this research will be on the development of theoretical frameworks and the generation of empirical findings that are translated into both academic publications and practical approaches, practices, interventions, and/or tools to be implemented in real-world corporate sustainability settings. This research will be conducted as a partnership among the Erb Institute, CPO, and a subject company committed to offering a research site and interested in applying the research findings within their own organization.

Supervision, support, and mentoring for this project will be provided by a consortium of faculty members affiliated with the Erb Institute and CPO – including Drs. Andy Hoffman, Jerry Davis and Sue Ashford – along with company partner(s), and the Erb institute and CPO staff members. The company partner(s) will provide guidance on the relevance of the research questions, secure access to the company leadership and enable data collection.

The post-doctoral fellow is responsible for designing and implementing an ambitious research plan, and connecting with company partner(s). The post-doctoral fellow will prepare and submit manuscripts for both peer-review academic outlets and practitioner outlets. In addition, the post-doc will be expected to ensure dissemination of their research by sharing their research through various channels, such as speaking engagements at conferences, teaching opportunities, and publication of short blogs and videos.

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows are appointed for two years They are expected to be in residence during the academic years of the fellowship, participate in the intellectual life of both the Erb Institute and CPO, and devote time to their independent research. If desired, classroom instruction may be included in the agreement, pending the availability of suitable teaching opportunities. Additional details about the expectations and responsibilities of post-doctoral fellows in the Erb Institute may be found here.

The annual stipend will be $65,000 based on an academic year, September 1 – August 31; a modest discretionary research fund will also be provided in addition to funds required for direct research expenses. Fellows are eligible for University employee benefits programs including health and life insurance options.