2018 Whittemore Lecture

Event Date: 
Thursday, January 25, 2018, 5:00 pm

Jennifer Dowdell (MLA 2007), Project Manager and Landscape Ecological Designer/Planner, Biohabitats

Jennifer Missett, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Biohabitats

Tom Stosur, Director of Planning, City of Baltimore

The panel will discuss their collaboration leading in recent work on a citywide Green Network Plan for Baltimore, MD that integrates ecology into an open space planning process, supporting resilience, quality of life, and revitalization for all community members. The Green Network plan has been described as "a bold vision for reimagining vacant and abandoned properties and transforming them into community assets". The panelists will describe the plan's context in land use policies and actions that have led to today's current conditions in Baltimore, describe the interdisciplinary planning approach paired with community engagement that drove the process, provide insights into the analysis and planning methodology that underpins the Green Network Plan, and finally present initial implementation steps that are being taken by the city. The panel will touch on broader issues at play in similar cities around the country including climate change, sea level, rise, and social and environmental equity, as well as issues of scale and regional connectivity.


1040 Dana Building

Contact person(s): 
Joan Nassauer (nassauer@umich.edu)