2018 SEAS Capstone Conference

Event Date: 
Thursday, April 12, 2018, 5:00 pm to Friday, April 13, 2018, 6:30 pm

The Capstone Conference is a celebration of graduate student research at SEAS that incorporates thesis, practicum and master's project student presentations. Concurrent presentations are organized into themed sessions that will take place in rooms 1040 and 1028. Clients are invited to attend and the SEAS community is encouraged to attend the presentations as well. 

  • Thursday, April 12 - Concurrent student presentations begin at 5:20pm and conclude with an evening reception in the Ford Commons.
  • Friday, April 13 - Concurrent student presentations run all day beginning at 9am and concluding at 5:30pm. Friday activities will include remarks from Dean Peck at lunch and a reception in Ford Commons after presentations wrap.

Full Schedule:


5:00pm  General Welcome by Michael Moore, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor) 
5:20pm Soil for Sustainability: Impacts of Urban Agriculture on Soil Health (Katherine Grantham) Behavior Change Campaign for Strategic Urban Composting (Alexander Ho, Anita Lin, Yili Luo) 
5:45pm Cover Crop Impacts on Soil Nutrient Cycling: Effects of Functional Diversity and Soil Fertility (Tianyu Ying)   Ecotourism in Central Asia (Sean Heyneman) 
6:10pm Impacts of Quality of Leaf Litter on Ant Assemblages in a Shade-Grown Coffee Agroecosystems in Chiapas, Mexico (Bolívar Aponte-Rolón) Evaluation of Rural Farmer Training and Ecological Restoration Interventions in the Ethiopian Highlands (Matt Chambers, Nathan Chesterman, Julia Entwistle, Hsiao-Chin Liu) 
6:35pm Coqui and Coffee Management in Puerto Rico (Kristopher Harmon) Zones of Influence: Forest Resource Use, Proximity, and Livelihoods (Andrew Kinzer) 
7:00pm The Effect of Predation Risk, Vegetation, and Food Availability on Reproduction of Aegean Wall Lizards (Podarcis Erhardii) in Greek Islands (Yilun Zhao) Understanding Private Sector Risk to Climate Change and Designing Guidance for Engagement (Kimberley Irby, Kaitlyn Klingensmith, Caroline Lucas, Ned Willig)  
7:25pm   Bijagual River Watershed, Costa Rica: Improving Watershed Health and Engaging Local Communities in Monitoring and Outreach (Wenyang Mu, Audrey Pallmeyer, Walker Stinnette, Brad Weiss)  
7:50pm -8:30pm Continue your conversations about the presentations and enjoy light refreshments during the reception in Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor) 

 FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2018

8:30am Coffee and Bagels in the Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor)
9:00am Perceptions of Local Vulnerability and the Relative Importance of Climate Change: A Case Study of Three Rural Communities on the Northern Ecuadorian Coast (Helen Gutierrez) The object-based classification of high-resolution remote sensing imagery in Sub-Saharan Africa (Chuying Lu)
9:25am Beyond Human Resilience: Information, Infrastructure and Interspecies Relations in Bolivian Climate Adaptation (Brooke McWherter) Urban Shrinkage: Using Spatial Entropy to Measure Neighborhood Stability (Zijun Yang)

Translating Climate Education: Environmental Education Curriculum for Spanish Heritage Speakers (Priscila Papias)

A Case Study Examining the Relationship Between Human Appropriation of Net Primary Productivity and Landscape Variables Along a Socioecological Gradient (Erin Barton)
10:15am Putting Psychology on the Map: What Mental Maps Reveal About Community-Based Climate Adaptation and Well Being in Coastal Connecticut (Katie Williamson) Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge Master Plan and Restoration Guidelines for the Taylor Unit (Audrey Pangallo, Ya Cai, Chen Zhang) 
10:40am Messages of Change: Using System Confidence to Improve Conservative’s Intentions to Mitigate Climate Change (Kaitlyn Teppert) The Post-Occupancy Evaluation of the Chicago Riverwalk (Ho Hsieh, Xuehan Li, Shui Wang, Yifei Wu)
11:05am Global GHG Emissions Driven by U.S. Household Consumption from 1995 to 2009 (Kaihui Song) Landscape Ecological Strategies for Pollinator Habitat at Denver International Airport (Tiantong Gu, Xuan Jin, Jiayang Li, Annemarie McDonald, Chang Ni)
11:30am 100% VRE Power System: Survey of Possibilities (Ansha Zaman) Roadmap to Water Security (Dahlia Rockowitz, Kely Markley, Cria Kay, Chris Askew-Merwin, Malavika Sahai)
11:55am Meijer Renewable Energy Strategy (Anson Chang, Geoffrey Murray, Xiaodan Zhou)  
12:20pm Remarks from Dean Peck and strolling lunch in the Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor)
1:20pm  Nashville's Public Transit Future: Enhanced Planning for Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability (Sindhu Bharadwaj, Kirstie Hostetter, Ben Stacey) Assessment and Modeling of Whiteleg Shrimp Production in a Low-Salinity Recirculating Aquaculture System (Si Qi (Cindy) Yao)  
1:45pm  Integrated Methodologies for Green Roof Energy Performance (Lino Sanchez)  Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon Marinus) Origin and Feeding Ecology in the Cheboygan River Watershed (Jesse McCarter)
2:10pm  Weatherization Assistance Program (Shiva RaissiCharmakani) Evaluating Bioenergetic Habitat Suitability for Invasive Bigheaded Carp in Lake Michigan (Peter Alsip) 
2:35pm  Collaboration in the Saco River Watershed: An Assessment (Alice Elliott, Sophia Paul, Garrett Powers, Katie Pritchard) Hydrodynamic Modeling of HABs in Western Basin of Lake Erie (Huayun Zhou) 
3:00pm  Measuring Impact: Evaluating the Economic, Social, and Ecological Services of the City of Ann Arbor Greenbelt Program (Patrick Bradley, Sharon Hu, Devin Kinney, Daniel Tanner)   Cisco (Coregonus Artedi) Restoration in the 1836 Treaty Waters of Lake Michigan (Albany Jacobson Eckert, Jillian Mayer, April Richards) 
3:25pm  Equitable Access to Coastal Resources in Catmon, Cebu (Nicholas Bruscato) Ecotoxicological Assessment of the Efficacy of Sediment Capping Materials in Reducing Zinc Bioavailability in Pit Lake Sediment (Kesiree Thiamkeelakul) 
3:50pm Lightweighting Shipping Containers: Life Cycle Impacts on Multimodal Freight Transportation (Cailin Buchanan) Herbivory, Climate Change and the Future Landscape of Isle Royale National Park: Developing an Herbivory Monitoring Program to Adaptively Manage the Park’s Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems (Margaret Lindman, Mirko Noack, Robin Schultze, Jordon Tourville, Charlotte Weinstein) 
4:15pm Life Cycle Assessment of Thin-Wall Ductile Cast Iron for Automotive Lightweighting Applications (Krutarth Jhaveri) Monitoring Balance in Working Landscapes: A Forest Health Monitoring Protocol for Little Traverse Conservancy's Working Forest Reserve Program (Stephanie Campbell, Melissa Selva, Sean Hollowell) 
4:40pm Assessing Biomass-Solar Hybrid Microgrids in the Democratic Republic of Congo Through Farmer Surveys and Economic Modeling (Tyler Fitch, Elissa Mueller, Calli VanderWilde) Expanding Stewardship: Agriculture as Conservation (Jess Robinson, Hayley Currier)
5:05pm Barriers and Opportunities to Achieving Safe Drinking Water in Bangladesh: A System Dynamics Approach (Grace Rodriguez) Determinants of Extinction Susceptibility: Are Island Species Too Slow to Escape Introduced Predators? (Sarah Semegen) 
5:30-6:30pm Continue your conversations about the presentations and enjoy light refreshments during the closing reception in Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor)  

Presentation Format

20-minute presentations with 5 minutes of Q&A

Each presentation will include: 

  • The research question - background and rationale
  • Explanation of findings
  • Importance of work and recommendations

Samuel T. Dana Building (Ford Commons, 1040 and 1028)

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