US-China Environment and Sustainability Forum

Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 9:00 am

The world today is facing unprecedented, interconnected environmental and sustainability challenges. Achieving sustainable development requires global efforts that are ambitious, action-oriented and collaborative.

The US and China are the leaders of the global economy. At the same time, they also contribute significantly to many sustainability challenges worldwide. Both countries play particularly important roles for global sustainability.

By bring together experts from both the US and China on environment and sustainability, the US-China Environment and Sustainability Forum at the University of Michigan (UCESF@UM) aims to:

Take stock of achievements in addressing environmental and sustainability challenges in both countries, and
Identify critical areas that the two countries should work together and help the global transition towards more sustainable development.
UCESF@UM will produce a whitepaper summarizing opinions and conclusions.

To promote an intimate experience for easy engagement in conversation, attendance is capped at 120 participants including invited speakers and reserved seats for University of Michigan participants

Contact person(s): 
Ming Xu mingxu@umich.edu7