Room Reservation Policies and Form

The School for Environment and Sustainability takes tremendous pride in the Dana Building and works to keep the building an inviting home for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Classrooms and conference rooms in the Dana Building may be reserved for a variety of purposes.

Official student groups with SEAS or PitE affiliation, SEAS faculty, and SEAS staff may reserve rooms for presentations, meetings, discussions, or classes. The hierarchy of space use progresses from classes to public presentations, meetings, and discussions. Reservations are generally held based on the date of request, although higher priority uses may result in cancellations, with notification, when conflicts arise.  These requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Dean’s Office. Requests are likely to be approved if space is available and the purpose of the meeting is consistent with the mission of the School.



  • Requests should be made at least 3 business days prior to the date needed
  • There are no study rooms available for individual or group use. SEAS rooms cannot reserve space for this purpose
  • Room usage is intended for groups, (defined as two or more users actively using the room).  Priority given to groups over single users
  • The request will be reviewed and the requester will be notified of approval and room location within 2 business days. A representative from SEAS Admin Services will follow up with you, either to request additional information or to let you know a tentative hold has been placed on the room. A final email from SEAS Admin Services will indicate if the room reservation request has been approved.
  • Upon approval notification and depending on your request, some groups may be contacted to coordinate special functions such as after-hours building access or composting service for your event.
  • Custodial staff work Sunday to Thursday thus any organizers of events held on Friday or Saturday are responsible for removing all waste from the building on these days. Dana dumpsters are located to the south of the building in the dock area just north of Randall.  The east exits are the closest exits to the dumpster area.  If your event is large enough (100+ with lots of food) the event will be required to pay for extra custodial services at your events’ cost.
  • SEAS expects composting to be performed at all food events held in the Dana Building, Read the Zero Waste Guide to learn about how to incorporate composting and reduce waste at your event
  • The Dana building hours are 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Monday - Friday, excluding holidays and season days. During the summer the building will close at 6pm.
  • Only UM employees and active UM students can request use of meeting space in the Dana Building for events consistent with SEAS' mission
  • Reservation schedules are posted outside the rooms, although changes may occur after the schedule is posted
  • After your approved use of our rooms, you should clean and return to furniture to original furniture configuration.  The desired furniture configuration is posted on the wall near the entrance to the room
  • The first floor and fourth floor common areas are open for use by all students, faculty, and staff and can only be reserved for special functions that are coordinated and managed by SEAS faculty, SEAS staff, SEAS student government or PitE Club. All other individuals and groups are not allowed to reserve the 1st and 4th floor commons. The doors to the Commons must remain unlocked at all times for fire safety purposes but, if approval is granted to close the Commons, unauthorized occupants may politely be asked to leave the area
  • Reservation of the 4th floor commons space will involve consultation and cooperation with holders of any existing reservations for the adjacent 4th floor conference rooms (4325 and 4315a) 


 Please visit the rooms information site to check availability before completing the form 

Reservation Form