Building Green for the Future, Volume 2 : Hotel Development and Operations in North America (2007)

Client Organization: 
Sustainable Conservation
Project Location : 
North America
Summary of Project Idea: 

The hotel industry is massive, greatly impacts the environment, and is composed of autonomous entities - lenders, investors, developers, owners, operators, and franchisees - who work independently to implement isolated practices and policies. To overcome communication challenges with disparate stakeholders and to promote sustainable procedures in the industry, incentives such as increased cost-savings and improved customer experience are needed to encourage collaboration. Such incentives will produce more efficient, less wasteful building design, construction, and operation practices. To bridge the communication and education gap, we wrote nine sustainable hotel case studies that highlight best practices in the industry regarding building design, construction, operation, and marketing techniques. Each case study evaluates buildings and operations using criteria similar to LEED as well as financial information, and also evaluates consumer response associated with hotel sustainability efforts. To present conclusive evidence, we also analyzed commonalties and differences that were revealed in each hotel type category, region, and brand. As a result, we were able to show that sustainable building construction and operation procedures increase cost-savings and can improve customer satisfaction, thereby increasing the likelihood of collaboration between hospitality industry stakeholders.

SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Andy Hoffman
Master Students Involved in Project: 

Jackie Pitera, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems

Michele Diener, MBA/MS Policy and Behavior

Amisha Parekh, MBA/MS Policy and Behavior

Project Status: 
Past Project