Creating Shared Value: Managing Water-Related Risk and Opportunity through Corporate Social Investment (2015)

Client Organization: 
Global Water Challenge
Project Location : 
Washington, D.C. and/or Multiple African countries for project case studies.
Summary of Project Idea: 

Water is a critical natural resource upon which all social, and economic activities and ecosystem functions depend. However, nearly one billion people lack access to clean drinking water, and 2.5 billion lack access to improved sanitation infrastructure.  What role can private sector actors play in addressing this sort of development issue?

Using the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation's "Replenish Africa Initiative" as an example, our SNRE team has assessed the intersection of water-related risk, corporate social investment and value creation on the African continent to understand how systems-based investments in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), watershed protection, and water for productive use, can create shared value for the environment, society, and business.

SEAS Program Areas: 
Environmental Policy and Planning
Environmental Informatics
SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Rebecca Hardin and Terry Nelidov
Master Students Involved in Project: 
  • Dan Mitler, MS Environmental Policy and Planning/Industrial Ecology Certification
  • Devan Rostorfer, MS Environmental Policy and Planning/Industrial Ecology Certification
  • Keely Ledbetter, MS Environmental Informatics
Project Status: 
Past Project