Enhancing Sustainability at Lower Huron Metropark (2012)

Client Organization: 
Huron-Clinton Metroparks
Project Location : 
Brighton, MI
Summary of Project Idea: 

In developing a plan for improving sustainability at the Huron-Clinton Metroparks, the group investigated numerous potential strategies for reducing environmental impacts at the parks. This project focused on water, energy, waste, storm water management and education as potential areas for improvement. The primary deliverable is a sustainability plan for Lower Huron Metropark, managed by the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA). This plan is also intended to serve as a model for future sustainability plans for the other parks HCMA manages. Many of the ideas considered and ultimately recommended stem from in-depth research of sustainability initiatives at both Toledo Metroparks (OH) and Portland Parks and Recreation (OR). Additionally, a broad literature review provided insight into potential alternatives to current practices. The final recommendations were based on analyses of economic, social and environmental impacts.

SEAS Program Areas: 
Behavior, Education, and Communication
Environmental Informatics
Sustainable Systems
Landscape Architecture
SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Stan Jones and Josh Newell
Master Students Involved in Project: 
  • Jordan Garfinkle, MS, Sustainable Systems
  • Naomi Hamermesh, MS, Environmental Informatics
  • Jason Levine, MS, Sustainable Systems
  • Lindsay Nelson, MLA, Landscape Architecture
  • Khawar Khan, MS, Sustainable Systems
  • Jose Miguel Friz, MS, Behavior, Education and Communication/ Sustainable Systems
Project Status: 
Past Project