Evaluating Renewable Energy Options for BHP Billiton's Global Assets (2008)

Client Organization: 
BHP Billiton
Project Location : 
Mozambique; northern Chile
Summary of Project Idea: 

Under the guidance of Professor Gregory Keoleian, the team is working with global natural resources company BHP Billiton to develop a process for evaluating the adoption of renewable energy technologies to support their operations. The methodology will serve to aid the firm in deciding whether to adopt renewable energy at different assets, and how to determine which technologies are most favorable given the firm's goals, the available resources, and the current state of technology. We have conducted rapid assessments and made recommendations identifying promising renewable technologies for BHP Billiton assets in Mozambique and northern Chile.

SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Greg Keoleian
Master Students Involved in Project: 

Anthony Gross, MBA/MS Environmental Policy and Planning

Jeff LeBrun, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems

Ali Moazed, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems

Mike Hartley, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems

Priyanka Bandyopadhyay, MBA/MS, Sustainable Systems

Project Status: 
Past Project