Interdisciplinary Assessment of Utility Scale Solar Opportunities in the United States (2015)

Client Organization: 
Sun Edison
Project Location : 
Summary of Project Idea: 

Our project conducted research in two phases. The first phase analyzed various factors - political, technical, regulatory, and geographic - that influence the uptake of utility scale solar across the 49 states of the United States. The second phase analyzed three components ranging from immediate to long term opportunities for utility scale solar, namely: Non-utility Solar PPA opportunities in California, Solar market attractiveness amidst pending coal retirements, and post ITC opportunities for Solar.

SEAS Program Areas: 
Sustainable Systems
SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Jeremiah Johnson
Master Students Involved in Project: 
  • John Serron, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
  • Blake Heidenreich, MS Sustainable Systems
  • Will Kletter, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
  • Nate Underwood, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
  • Pavel Azgaldov, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems
  • Adithya Dahagama, MS Sustainable Systems
  • Chris Wolff, MPP/MS Sustainable Systems
Project Status: 
Past Project