Jocko Valley Trails (2011)

Client Organization: 
Jocko Valley Trails Committee
Project Location : 
Arlee, MT
Summary of Project Idea: 

This project assisted community members and tribal employees in the planning and conceptual design of a non-motorized trails system in the Jocko Valley, on the Montana Flathead Reservation. Since 2009, the master's project team worked closely with community groups and the tribal government, through extensive meetings and public outreach, to create trail design recommendations guided by local community feedback. Specifically, the master's project group developed a series of tailored trail feature recommendations, educational/interpretation options and trail design alternatives for the Jocko Valley Community. On a broader scale, the team also developed a detailed report on the current status of trail systems on Native American reservations throughout the United States. The major findings from the team's research were then combined with information gathered from comprehensive personal interviews with tribal natural resource managers to create a resource packet for tribes considering trail development on their reservation. Unlike other trail development resources, the master's project recommendations are sensitive to the unique challenges and benefits trail systems may produce for reservation communities.

SEAS Program Areas: 
Environmental Policy and Planning
Behavior, Education, and Communication
Landscape Architecture
SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Bob Grese
Master Students Involved in Project: 
  • Meredith Bohdan, MS Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Robin Burke, MLA
  • Nick Deyo, MLA
  • Ann Kelley, MS Behavior, Education and Communication/Conservation Biology
  • Brittney Van Der Werff, MS Behavior, Education and Communication
Project Status: 
Past Project