New Mobility Solutions for South Africa & India: A Framework for Success (2008)

Client Organization: 
Ford Motor Company
Project Location : 
India; South Africa
Summary of Project Idea: 

New Mobility seeks to attract significant private sector investment to spur an integrated mass transit system. This enhanced system provides significant social, human health, and environmental benefits through alleviation of congestion, increased efficiency, and better transportation access for all members of society. Our project will provide the client with a detailed framework for the successful partnerships necessary to create a New Mobility industry. Drawing from on and off-site research, we will then apply this framework to the previously identified cities of Bangalore, India and Cape Town, South Africa. The application of this framework to these unique cities will provide the client with a solid base from which they may begin development of New Mobility partnerships and alliances. Once completed, they can then use our framework to create other New Mobility industries throughout the developing and developed world.

SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Tom Gladwin
Master Students Involved in Project: 

Devon Douglas, MBA/MS Environmental Policy and Planning

Ben Massie, MS Sustainable Systems

Matt McMurtry, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems

Annie White, MBA/MS Sustainable Systems

Project Status: 
Past Project