Residential Green Roof Implementation in Washington, DC: A Stormwater Management Tool for an Impervious Urban Environment (2008)

Project Location : 
Washington, D.C.
Summary of Project Idea: 

Our project is exploring green roof implementation in the residential market as a storm water management tool. A common architectural typology in the District of Columbia is the flat roofed row house, which may be ideal for green roof retrofitting. The residential market for green roofs is smaller than that for commercial, but it is a burgeoning field, with many opportunities for design and construction professionals. We seek to quantify the potential for residential row houses in the District to contribute to the reduction of stormwater as well as to provide three illustrative design and construction templates tailored to an average DC row house. These templates will attempt to cover the array of options for green roofs, in terms of design, cost, and construction materials. These templates are intended as a way to increase public awareness about green roofs and the issues involving the DC sewer system, as well as to encourage green roof retrofitting by residents in the District.

SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
MaryCarol Hunter and Peter Adriaens
Master Students Involved in Project: 

Britt Zimmerman, Master of Landscape Architecture

Harriet Zipp, Master of Landscape Architecture

Project Status: 
Past Project