Restoration of a Multi-Functional Landscape: Mill Creek after Dam Removal (2010)

Client Organization: 
Village of Dexter, MI
Project Location : 
Dexter, MI
Summary of Project Idea: 

The master's project team developed strategies for the restoration and management of the Mill Creek Park area in the Village of Dexter, MI - an area undergoing significant changes since the 2008 removal of the Mill Creek Dam.  The land and its human and non-human residents are experiencing changes in habitat types, flora and fauna, and recreational and educational opportunities. Considering these changes, the project provides options for maintaining the health of Mill Creek, incorporating the Creek into educational and recreational activities, and enhancing the human-nature relationship overall.  The recommendations build on the existing Mill Creek Park Master Plan and are designed for the Village of Dexter parks and planning staff, Dexter Community Schools, and local residents. The team also recommended options for professional and volunteer ecological restoration efforts, stormwater solutions, and outdoor education and interpretation opportunities.


SEAS Program Areas: 
Conservation Ecology (Aquatic Sciences, Terrestrial Ecosystems, and Conservation Biology)
Environmental Policy and Planning
Behavior, Education, and Communication
Landscape Architecture
SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Chet Hill
Master Students Involved in Project: 
  • Tom O'Dowd, MS Behavior, Education and Communication
  • Katherine Hollins, MS Behavior, Education and Communication
  • Alison Richardson, MS Behavior, Education and Communication
  • Patrick Reed, MLA
  • James John Minesky, MS Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Rebecca Gajewski, MS Conservation Biology
Project Status: 
Past Project