Six Points Property Master Plan (2016)

Client Organization: 
The Wyandot of Anderdon Nation, Trenton, Michigan
Project Location : 
Gibraltar, Michigan
Summary of Project Idea: 

The Wyandot of Anderdon Nation have recently acquired a 15 acre parcel of land which sits on their ancestral grounds. This tract of land is called “Six Points” and is located near the Detroit River, in Gibraltar, MI. This Master’s Project developed a master plan for this property that enhances the use and aesthetics of the site. This project involved culturally sensitive landscape architecture; site programming; and ecosystem management and restoration.

The design focuses on developing space for education, social events, and tribal ceremonies. The design concept creates two spaces on the property: one half is reserved as a sacred ceremonial space, exclusive to the Wyandot, and the other is a social and educational space for both the tribe and the general public. This allows the Wyandot of Anderdon to have a sacred home for burials and spiritual activities, as well as a more public place to share their culture.

The tribal half of the site will include a traditional rustic longhouse; a healing medicine walk; a council ring for storytelling; and several outdoor gathering spaces for ceremonies. The public half of the property will also have traditional buildings, but they will be dedicated to education rather than ceremony. There will also be an indoor museum, and a large community center.

The property is dominated by a wetland, and presents an opportunity to be a key piece in an already strong network of high quality habitat in the region. Six Points is very close to The Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, Lake Erie Metro Park, and a regional greenway system. The ecological design at Six Points will be in line with those organizations and will help to further enhance the region.

The final product of this project is a master plan that describes all desired aspects for future development at Six Points. The ultimate goal is to deliver a site design that makes future engineering and construction possible, but most importantly inspires funders and the community.

SEAS Program Areas: 
Landscape Architecture
SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Bob Grese
Master Students Involved in Project: 
  • John DeRuiter, MLA Landscape Architecture 
  • Zhuyun Wu, MLA Landscape Architecture 
Project Status: 
Past Project