Urban Revitalization through Art, Community and Ecology: The Heidelberg Project (2011)

Client Organization: 
The Heidelberg Project
Project Location : 
Detroit, MI
Summary of Project Idea: 

The Heidelberg Project is an internationally renowned art installation and non-profit that has transformed empty lots and abandoned homes in the city of Detroit, Michigan into a block-long artscape. The Master’s Project team examined the Heidelberg Project as a case study in sustainable neighborhood redevelopment for Post-industrial Cities.  Research and design investigations will be applied to the development of the new Heidelberg Cultural Village, a living experiment in transforming the Heidelberg Project into a self-sustaining, art-based community. The team contributed to the conceptual vision of the Heidelberg Cultural Village by generating:

  • a short film documenting a public art event organized by team members at the Heidelberg Project;
  • a neighborhood redevelopment plan that proactively manages vacant land and a declining population;
  • preliminary site proposals for a healing garden;
  • preliminary site proposals for an art-based urban farm; and
  • preliminary site proposals for a commercial corridor
SEAS Program Areas: 
Landscape Architecture
SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Beth Diamond
Master Students Involved in Project: 
  • Sarah Alward, MLA
  • Fai Foen, MLA
  • Dana Petit, MLA
  • Christian Runge, MLA
Project Status: 
Past Project