Valuing Water: A Globally Sustainable Approach for the Pharmaceutical Industry (2008)

Client Organization: 
Merck & Co., Inc.
Project Location : 
Summary of Project Idea: 

This project provides a broadly applicable framework for instituting sustainable water-use strategies and water valuation approaches in the pharmaceutical industry. The primary goal was to identify strategies and develop guidelines to assist Merck & Co., Inc. in achieving sustainable water use at manufacturing sites around the world. The results of this project include a decision-making support tool applicable to any pharmaceutical company seeking to minimize its impacts on local environmental and water resources.

SEAS Faculty Advisor: 
Jonathan Bulkley and Jeremy Semrau
Master Students Involved in Project: 

Kristina Donnelly, MS Aquatic Sciences

Therese Dorau, MS Sustainable Systems

Melinda Koslow, MS Sustainable Systems

Susan Lorenz, MS Sustainable Systems

Project Status: 
Past Project