Climate Change, Hollywood style

Hollywood sign
Originally published: 
February, 2019

How realistic are movies that imagine a future world devastated by climate change?  From the 1973 cult classic "Soylent Green" to the 2015 film “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the silver screen offers far-flung versions of climate-inspired sci-fi, or “cli-fi,” as the genre has come to be known.  

To learn which films hold a grain of truth in their vision of the future, CNN asked leading climate scientists, including SEAS Dean Jonathan Overpeck, to weigh in on some of their favorite cli-fi.

"The world of Mad Max has more of a scientific foundation—at least when it comes to dry-land water sustainability—than many might think," Overpeck said. "And the emphasis on gas-powered cars and trucks strike a real irony—to the end, humans rely on the very fossil fuel that has destroyed their world. Worth a watch."

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