Professor Bierbaum urges top investors to take action on climate change

Rosina Bierbaum
Originally published: 
February, 2018

Dr. Rosina Bierbaum presented the climate science segment of the 2018 Investor Summit on Climate Risk at the UN chamber last week, co-hosted by Ceres, the UN Foundation, and the UN Office for Partnerships.

More than 450 investors, business leaders, and capital market leaders with nearly $30 trillion in assets convened at the summit to map out the next steps for accelerating and expanding investor action on climate change.

Bierbaum, the only scientist presenter, outlined the negative impacts and threats of a climate-changed world before shifting to a message of hope. “There is great momentum to act,” she said, pointing to salient indicators like the surge in local- and regional-level action, the dropping cost of renewable energy, interest and support from businesses and investors, and the increasing ability of scientists to specify and quantify climate change impacts.

Bierbaum ended on the topic of climate finance. “Reconceptualized, the climate finance gap does not seem insurmountable – but it does require serious engagement with new actors,” she said. “The investment community can really steer and accelerate the journey to that two degree non-roasted world, and not a moment too soon.”

To view video of the event, visit and click on Morning Session.