New Plastic Waste Reduction Fellowship: An innovative collaboration with Morgan Stanley

Originally published: 
April, 2019

Morgan Stanley will partner with SEAS to establish the Plastic Waste Reduction Fellowship at the University of Michigan that explores systemic approaches and solutions that can reduce plastic waste, in particular, ways the capital market and investment opportunities can accelerate and scale those solutions. The research will help identify the constraints and opportunities associated with the technology, policy, and market drivers that influence plastics flows in the global economy.

This fellowship is part of the Morgan Stanley Plastic Waste Resolution to develop and scale systemic solutions to tackle the global challenge of growing amounts of plastic waste.

Jonathan Overpeck, Samuel A. Graham Dean of SEAS, said, “We are excited to partner with Morgan Stanley to further cutting-edge scholarship to understand not only how plastic flows through our economy, but what innovations, policy changes, and business model developments can be the most effective levers in harnessing the benefits of plastic while reducing the negative impacts of plastic waste. This research will help inform the field to make smarter investments that matter and have real impact.”