Graham Catalyst Grants Support SEAS Faculty and Students

Originally published: 
May, 2019

Graham Sustainability Institute catalyst grant awards support new partnerships, analyses, and tools to advance sustainability. All of this cycle’s multidisciplinary award-winning teams include members of the SEAS community.

The winning projects, listed below, tackle the vital issues of safe drinking water, climate change vulnerability, sustainable livestock production, and the health and energy justice impacts of electricity generation. Each, in their own way, propels our ability to move the needle in creating a more just and sustainable future.


Linking Research and Management for Sustainable and Safe Water Supply by Drinking Water Utilities across International Contexts

  • PI: Lutgarde Raskin, Engineering
  • Co-I: Rebecca Hardin, Environment and Sustainability (SEAS)
  • Additional Team Members: Matthew Vedrin, Engineering; Melina Bautista, Engineering; Adelaide Nieguitsila, University of Science and Technology of Masuku, Gabon; Franck Binze Bi Kumbe, University of Cape Town, South Africa

From Farmer to Institutional Procurement: Establishing a Southeast Michigan Sustainable Livestock Working Group to Increase Supply-Chain Capacity

  • PI: Jennifer Blesh, SEAS
  • Co-I: Joseph Trumpey, Art & Design and SEAS
  • Additional Team Members: Shannon Brines, SEAS; Alex Bryan, Michigan Dining


Improving Frameworks for Assessing Social Vulnerability to Climate Change in Temperate Forest Regions: New Indicators of Adaptive Capacity

  • PI: Paige Fischer, SEAS
  • Co-I: Wayne Baker, Ross School of Business; John Kim, U.S. Forest Service
  • Additional Team Members: Matt Sehrsweeney, SEAS

The Cumulative Economic Burden of Air Pollution Health Impacts and Energy Inefficiency under Different Energy Mix Scenarios in Southeast Michigan

  • PI: Carina Gronlund, Institute for Social Research
  • Co-Is: Tony Reames, SEAS; Michelle Martinez, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition