Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Originally published: 
May, 2019

The SEAS graduating Class of 2019 hails from eight countries and virtually every region in the US. While some students came directly to SEAS after earning undergraduate degrees, others had already begun building careers in the nonprofit or private sectors. Among our graduates, five students have served abroad in the Peace Corps, and three are veterans of the US armed forces.

The paths that students followed on their way to SEAS are as diverse as their interests. The Class of 2019 includes scientists, policymakers, landscape architects, social justice advocates, conservationists, educators, behaviorists, and information specialists. But despite the difference in their perspectives, they all share one goal in common—to create a more sustainable and just world.

We trust in their commitment—and their preparedness—to achieve this goal, and we are eager to learn of their future accomplishments wherever their journeys take them.

At the May 4 commencement post-ceremony reception at Palmer Commons, we caught up with several of our graduates and asked them to share—on camera—some highlights of their time at SEAS.

Special thanks to those who took time to speak with us, and CONGRATULATIONS to all of our newest alumni, the Class of 2019!



The following degrees were awarded:

118 Master of Science (MS)

16 Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

8 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

114 Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) through the Program in the Environment (PitE)